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Speaker Series – Why Race Matters

More information about the series of events, organizers, etc can go here

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CLE Requirements Reinstated for FY2021

⚠ COVID-19 Crisis Updates [7/7/2020]: 

CPCS CLE requirements for panel attorneys are once again in effect.  See the CPCS Training Calendar for CPCS sponsored and CLE approved webinars.  You may contact your appropriate panel head to determine whether credit will be given for trainings offered that are not sponsored by CPCS. We will be offering frequent remote training opportunities so that you may continue your professional development and meet  the CLE requirements to maintain your panel certification.

Joining A Zoom Meeting or Webinar

zoom logoBefore the Meeting

    1. Register for the webinar using the registration link for the event
      • You will receive a confirmation email with webinar information and a Join Link. This link is specific to you, and contains the meeting password. Please do not invite colleagues by forwarding your confirmation email or Join Link. Instead, they should use the registration page to sign up and receive their own Join Link.

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infograph illustrating the daily focus of each day of lawyer well-being week

Lawyer Well-Being Zoom Coffee Breaks – daily May 4-8 @2pm

Community Well-Being Coffee Breaks, May 4-8 @ 2pm

Presented by Lawyer Well-Being MA

Connect with fellow lawyers, share ideas and tools, and learn from experts during “Community Well-Being Coffee Breaks” in celebration of Lawyer Well-Being Week. Thanks to the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Well-Being Committee, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers and its Law Office Management Assistance Program, and other volunteers for their assistance and expertise. Continue reading