Apps for Attorneys


CPCS In Court App

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The project was the work of two legal-tech interns form Suffolk Law School, Jodie Gurry and Vedika Mehera. Gurry and Mehera built upon an existing CPCS tool, expanding its offerings to include resources for all CPCS practice areas.

The app acts primarily as an aggregator, collecting links to various resources in a single mobile-friendly location. These are tools attorneys have found helpful to have on-hand in court.

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QnA Markup

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QnA is a markup language for people with little or no programming experience. It was designed with attorneys in mind and transforms blocks of text into interactive question and answer sessions (QnAs). These QnAs can be used as stand-alone expert systems or in the aid of rule-based document construction. Plus, they can be fun, and the entire project is open source. Among other things, that means free.