The billing timelines found in s. 116 amending c. 211D s. 12 establish two billing deadlines.  The general rule is that bills must be submitted within 60 days of your last date of service to be eligible for full payment.

Bills submitted between 61-89 days after the last date services were rendered are reduced by 10% pursuant to the statute. Bills submitted 90 days or more after the last date services were rendered cannot be paid and rejected pursuant to the statute.

The FISCAL YEAR END RULE, requires than in any case where your services continue into a new fiscal year you must submit a fiscal year end bill for services performed between July 1st and June 30th of the previous fiscal year, no later than July 31st of the following fiscal year to be eligible for full payment. Fiscal year end bills submitted between August 1st and August 30th will be reduced 10% pursuant to the statute.

If a bill is rejected for payment under the statute, you may appeal the denial of payment to the Chief Counsel of CPCS.  The procedures for making such an appeal will be contained in the notice you receive advising of the rejection. Please be aware however, that the statute requires the Chief Counsel to find that the delay in billing was due to “extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the vendor.”

CPCS does not wish to deny payment to any attorney or vendor who provides services to our clients; however s. 116 establishes strict statutory billing deadlines which cannot be waived by CPCS. Late bills will be reduced or denied pursuant to statute. As such it is critical that you submit bills timely.