Drug Lab Information

Did you have a case impacted by the misconduct of chemists Annie Dookhan or Sonja Farak?
To request assistance please fill out the form below. Providing your docket number and current contact information is very helpful. If you do not have your docket number, please indicate in which court you were convicted. If possible, please indicate in the Concerns/Notes section which category from the list below you believe you fall into (you may choose more than one).
  1. You are currently incarcerated due to a conviction that should be vacated under this decision.
  2. You are currently incarcerated on a charge and the sentence was enhanced due to a prior drug charge that you believe may now be vacated.
  3. You want to know if your drug conviction from Suffolk County is one that will be vacated.
  4. You were convicted of a drug charge you believe should now be vacated, and that prior conviction influenced your decision to plead guilty on a subsequent case.
  5. You pleaded guilty to more than one charge, but one of the drug charges was one that you believe will be vacated.
  6. You are requesting information on how to seal or expunge a record (we will not assign an attorney for this but can provide you with some basic information)
  7. You are requesting information on how to make sure your “CORI” is updated to reflect the dismissal of this charge
Please be aware that a response may take a few weeks, depending on the number of inquiries we receive. If you would rather leave a phone message with this information, please call 1-888-999-2881.
Refunds of Fines and Fees: if you paid fines and fees in a now dismissed drug lab case, you are entitled to a refund of those fines and fees that were dependent on your conviction. Those monies will be returned to you as part of a class action lawsuit that is currently being litigated. CPCS is unable to assist drug lab defendants with motions for return of monies paid. If you have moved from your home since you received the letter informing you of your drug lab cases, please fill out this form and include your current address so that you can be reached when the lawsuit is resolved: – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZNjrDGApeLmBGJeJrwe5YmA71s9pBWfWqm8bDqKo5PX6ltw/viewform
Old Drug Lab Webpage Notice
If your inquiry is related to Annie Dookhan or Sonja Farak, if you believe you are already eligible for relief due to prior court decisions, or if you want to learn more background about the Massachusetts Drug Lab Scandals, please go to http://www.publiccounsel.net/dlclu/old.