Drug Lab Crisis Litigation Unit

Nancy J. Caplan,
Attorney  In Charge

NANCY J. CAPLAN has been an advocate for low-income individuals for almost forty years. Before starting law school in 1980, she worked for five years in New York City, first for MFY Legal Services as a government benefits advocate and then for the Prisoner’s Rights Project of the Legal Aid Society as a paralegal. She graduated from the Northeastern School of Law in 1983 and then began her career as a CPCS public defender. As a public defender, she has practiced in Hamden, Hampshire, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties. She has mentored and supervised many wonderful lawyers and contributed to multiple training programs within CPCS and the indigent defense community. Since April of 2013, she has been the Attorney in Charge of the Drug Lab Crisis Litigation Unit, which she started with fellow pioneers Benjamin Selman and James Corbo.