4342739773_790bc73f83_zBrockton Superior Court Trial Unit
144 Main Street, 4th Floor
Brockton MA 02301
Phone: 508-583-5316
Fax: 508-587-9855

The Brockton Superior Court Trial Unit handles serious felony cases originating in Plymouth County. The attorneys are assigned to a wide variety of cases, including homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, firearms, arsons, and other serious property and assault allegations. We try cases primarily in the Brockton Division of the Plymouth County Superior Court.

The office has social service advocates who assist the attorneys in dispositional advocacy, including locating services for our clients and producing disposition recommendations for the courts. An administrative assistant and a secretary assist the attorneys, investigators, and social services advocates through clerical services, litigation support, and communications with our clients, their families, and the courts.

Our office is located at 144 Main Street, 4th Floor, in the Donovan Centre, one block from the Covett Courthouse (Brockton Trial Court). The office is within walking distance to the Superior Court. One-hour free street parking is located in front of the building. Free parking is also available behind the Brockton Trial Court and across from the Superior Court. A city parking garage with hourly rates is located at 42 Crescent Street.


Main number and collect calls: 508-583-5316.  Direct line numbers below.


John Redden (jred...@publiccounsel.net ) 508-484-5457

Staff Attorneys

James Corbo (jco...@publiccounsel.net ) 508-484-5452
Gayatri Deodhar ( gde...@publiccounsel.net )  508-484-5453
Jason Green (jgr...@publiccounsel.net) 508-484-5471
Shannon Hinegardner (shin...@publiccounsel.net) 508-484-5456
Paul Lonardo-Roy (plon...@publiccounsel.net) 508-484-5455
Craig Tavares  (ctav...@publiccounsel.net) 508-484-5459

Social Service Advocates

April Botelho


Linette Joyce-Bowman (ljoy...@publiccounsel.net) 508-484-5460

Support Staff

Debra Scollins, Secretary,  dscollins@publiccounsel.net, 508-484-5450
Barbara DeCarli, Administrative Assistant (bdec...@publiccounsel.net) 508-484-5451


The Brockton Superior Court Trial Unit handles cases from the following courts:

Photo credit: Donovan Center