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Useful Links

The following is a directory to useful links organized by category. Some of the resources are maintained by CPCS, many are not. For a comprehensive list of professional resources maintained by CPCS Training, check out their Professional Resources page.

Bar Advocate Organizations

Barnstable County Bar Advocates,

Berkshire County Bar Advocates,

Bristol County Bar Advocates, Inc.

Essex County Bar Assoc. Advocates, Inc.

Franklin County Bar Assoc. Advocates, Inc.

Hampden County Lawyers for Justice,

Hampshire County Bar Advocates,

Island Bar Advocates, Inc.

MDAA website

Middlesex Defense Attorneys, Inc.

Norfolk County Bar Advocates,

Pilgrim (Plymouth) Bar Advocates, Inc.

Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, Inc.

Bar Advocates of Worcester County,

Constitution, Court Information,  Laws, and Opinions

Mass. Constitution and Declaration of Rights.  http://www.mass…ov/legis/const.htm

Court Information:

Court CancellationWeather Related

Mass. Superior and District Courts contact and location Index with address and phone numbershttp://www.mass…/courts/index.html

Mass Superior Court Dockets


Mass. General Laws http://www.mass…laws/mgl/index.htm

CMR’s: Code of Massachusetts Regulations These regulations deal with proper policies for state agencies: DCF, DOC and can be useful for motion and discovery practice.


Mass. Daily Slip Opinions from all Mass. Courts, including Superior Court, are now available through the Lawyers Weekly Archives!

Mass. SJC Reporter  slip opinions, docket entries, calendar, webcasts of oral arguments at…alendar.php?dtp=fc

Useful Resources:

Mass CORI Reader How to understand probation records and rights. http://www.mass…s/3d_Ed-2d_Rev.pdf

Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly 

Massachusetts Guide to Evidence which is available on the Massachusetts Court System web site at: http://www.mass…uidetoevidence.pdf

Mass. Probation http://www.mass…/courts/probation/

Criminal Law/Justice Mega Pages 

Crimelynx Jerrilyn Merritt, a Colorado attorney and NACDL member, etc., runs this site. She is an excellent lawyer and resource.

Cecil Greek Criminal Justice Link. A good resource. This is another phenomenal giant sight with many links.

Criminal Justice Sites Links to Criminal Justice Related Sites: Law Enforcement Sites related to law enforcement, including local agencies. Corrections Sites related to prisons and other corrections issues. Forensics Sites related to forensic science and criminalistics. Juvenile Justice Sites related to juvenile delinquency, gangs, and juvenile justice. Social Science Social science links, such as the American psychological Society. Libraries On-line card catalogs and information.

JUSTINFO, an electronic newsletter service sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, is published the 1st and 15th of each month. It provides the latest criminal justice news, information, services, and publications. All you have to do is sign up. It’s free.

Department of Corrections/Bureau of Prisons

CMR and DOC Policies and Regulations from inmate case records to classification to the DDU .

Department of Corrections. with directions and phone numbers at

DOC Prison Gangs This site has links to monthly Security Threat Groups reports and outlines policy relative to STG’s.…20threat%20group%20reports&

DOC Prisoner Locater
Note: Use this link to locate inmates in the Massachusetts State Prison system and in other jurisdictions, including federal penitentiaries.  It cannot be used, however, to locate inmates in houses of corrections, county jails, or pre-release centers.
To locate a client serving a sentence in a house of corrections, contact the house of corrections for the county in which the client was convicted or check the mittimus. To locate a client who is not incarcerted, counsel should ask for the client’s contact information from the trial attorney. A client’s address and telephone number also usually appear on the complaint or police report associated wih the case, but this information is not always accurate.

Jails Locations and phone numbers jail locations ,phone numbers

Prisoners Legal Services of Massachusetts  Prisoners’ Legal Services promotes the safe, humane and lawful treatment of Massachusetts prisoners through civil rights litigation, administrative advocacy, client counseling, and outreach to policy makers and the public.

Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Federal Bureau of Prisons Prisoner Locater via FOIA.(Click “Inmate Info.” at left). This “SENTRY” database also contains information about former inmates, dating back to 1982.

Prison Web Site Page http://www.pris…  General Information and contacts

Virtual OZ Welcome to Virtual Oz! Hit the START button to get going. This is a pretty realistic vision of a maximum security facility.


Board of Bar Overseers opinions and frequently asked questions

Boston Bar Association Ethics opinions

Mass. Ethics Rules and Opinions….massachusetts.html

Rules of Professional Conduct  The Canons of Ethics and Disciplinary Rules in PDF.


Federal Links


Bureau of Prisons


CFR Code of Federal Regulations

DEA site


Misconduct Report re FBI Laboratory (2014): This is the latest of three reports issued by the Justice Department concerning FBI procedure in failing to review convictions arising from negligent practices at the FBI lab in an investigation that started in 1997.

Federal Defenders Mass.,  NH and RI.

First Circuit Local Rules

The Federal Judicial Center Reference Manual On Scientific Evidence 2011 Wide ranging topics  from statistics to DNA to toxicology post NAS report.

Federal News Service – full text speeches, hearings and debates.

Federal Rules of Evidence as amended in 2014…./fre/overview.html

First Circuit Home Page

Homeland Security

PACER Online access to Federal Docket Sheets. Can use to track informants and witnesses.

US Attorney’s Manual: Title 9 is Criminal. http://www.usdo…reading_room/usam/

General References

The following is a collection of general references. The resources are not maintained by CPCS.


Confrontation Blog devoted to reporting and commenting on developments related to Crawford v. Washington http://confront…  

DUI Blog Run by a Lawyer from California Lawrence Taylorauthor of over thirty articles and 14 books, including the standard textbooks on DUI litigation,Drunk Driving Defense, 8th ed.

Massachusetts Correctional Officer’s Walpole CO’s bulletin board is at , & that page has links to the boards for other institutions. At least one board has been taken down since I last visited, though it might be available in’s cache or via http://www.arch… . I once had a client whose alleged disciplinary issue was openly discussed on the Walpole board, though I don’t know whether the COs are routinely that careless.

Newspaper Blogs and Message Boards Many newspapers are posting online. If you have a case that hits the media check out to see if there are blogs or online responses. Can be a source of witnesses and support for voir dire and/or change of venue. For examples see:

Boston Globe News http://www.bost…ion/breaking_news/

Boston Herald http://www.bost…s/city_desk_wired/

Worcester http://www.topi…/city/worcester-ma



Boston Public Library

Google Book Search

Mass. Law Libraries Online Lists all texts and periodicals as well as locations, etc.

Mass. State Library System. Any state employee can get a library card to the State House library. You can apply on line. With that card, you can get on-line access to their databases: Infotrac, Expanded Academic Index, Boston Globe and other local papers and Expanded Academic Index to track down articles on psychiatric and sociological issues.

Mass. Social Law Library or subscribers to the Massachusetts Administrative Law Databases have FREE access to the following searchable databases: Mass. General Laws; Supreme Judicial Court Opinions (1937 to May 14, 1997); Appeals Court Opinions (1972 to May 14, 1997); Superior Court Opinions (November, 1997 to February 20th, 1998).

Trial Court Law Libraries.

Worldcat Search for an item in libraries near you

News and Magazine Links

NACDL indigent defense page-news links from around the country about the indigent defense funding crises.

Online newspapers and TV stations in Massachusetts.

Online Papers In Mass… or…qo4CFQccHgodeBLMQg

Online Papers In Mass This has multiple world wide news links including every online Massachusetts paper [92] including the Wire service covering Massachusetts state government in depth. http://www.abyz…

TV stations or http://www.mass… or http://en.wikip…s_in_Massachusetts

Radio stations  http://www.usne…iostations/ma.html or http://www.onth…massachusetts.aspx

Berkshire Eagle

Boston Globe It – like most papers – has a Globe Extra feature that lets subscribers search and print out articles free. This is very useful for documenting affidavits supporting voir dire

Boston Herald

Brockton Enterprise

CNN website It often has transcripts available for their programming.

Federal News Service – full text speeches, hearings and debates. “is a vast archive of published articles that you can search for free. Constantly updated, it contains articles dating back to 1998 from more than 300 magazines and journals. You will find articles on a range of topics, including business, health, society, entertainment, sports and more. Unlike other online collections, each of the hundreds of thousands of articles in FindArticles can be read in its entirety and printed at no cost.”

Hampshire Gazette

Lawrence Eagle Tribune

Lowell Sun

Magazine Portal Find individual articles from many free magazines by browsing the categories or using the search engine. From The Atlantic Monthly to Entertainment Today to JAAPA to Mother Jones.

New York Times.

Patriot Ledger

Union News Springfield

Virtual LRC Online Magazine Search Page “1. Enter keyword(s) 2. Select magazine(s) desired. (select up to 4) and click Search. Try this first!” From Time to US News to New Republic to Discover and NY Review of Books http://www.virt…com/magsearch.html

Worcester Telegram


Babel Fish Translator

Your Dictionary Searches in 260 languages/100 specialties

Free translators on line: http://www.worl…e/UP26384/T1/P2/l/

Office of Interpreter Services website
Provides interpreters for attorneys of indigent defendants who do not speak English.

Court-approved interpreter list– List of interpreters available for out of court assignments.


Domestic Violence Guidelines -from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. (2009)

Guide to Public Access, Sealing and Expungement of District Court Records (2013)

Impoundment Uniform Rules Massachusetts Trial Court

Indigency Guidelines and forms

Jury Instructions Model District Court (2014)

Jury Instructions Model Homicide (2013)

Mass. Sentencing Guidelines http://www.mass…tencing/intro.html and Felony and Misdemeanor Master Crime list

Probation Violation Rules District Court

Public’s Access Guidelines to Judicial Proceedings and Records

Rules of Criminal Procedure

Rules of Criminal Procedure Amendments with Reporter’s Notes (effective as of January 2014)

Rules of Criminal Procedure District Court

Superior Court Rules


Youth Advocacy Division [YAD] A must site if you represent any juvenile. http://youthadv…

Frequently Asked Questions For Lawyers & Advocates A must review for quick information.http://www.yout…t/about-staff.html

For Juvenile specific professional resources, please click here.


Legal Research

Mass. Constitution and Declaration of Rights.  http://www.mass…ov/legis/const.htm

Mass CORI Reader How to understand probation records and rightshttp://www.mass…s/3d_Ed-2d_Rev.pdf

Mass. Daily Slip Opinions from all Mass. Courts, including Superior Court, are now available through the Lawyers Weekly Archives!

Mass. Domestic Violence Guidelines

Mass. General Laws http://www.mass…laws/mgl/index.htm

Mass. Law Libraries Online Lists all texts and periodicals as well as locations, etc.

Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly http://www.mass…

Massachusetts Guide to Evidence (2014)

Mass. Probation Violation Rules District Court

Mass. Public’s Access Guidelines to Judicial Proceedings and Records

Mass. Rules of Criminal Procedure

Mass. Rules of Criminal Procedure Amendments with Reporter’s Notes

Mass. Sentencing Guidelines

Mass. SJC Standards on Drug Abuse Can be useful for disposition

Mass. Specialty Courts. This page summarizes the standards for each type of program (drug, mental health, veterans, homeless court) and provides forms and applications.

Mass. SJC Reporter  slip opinions, docket entries, calendar, webcasts of oral arguments at…alendar.php?dtp=fc

Mass SJC Watch oral arguments online

Mass. Social Law Library Access to the following searchable databases: Mass. General Laws; Supreme Judicial Court Opinions (1937 to May 14, 1997); Appeals Court Opinions (1972 to May 14, 1997); Superior Court Opinions (November, 1997 to February 20th, 1998).

Mass. Superior and District Courts Index with address and phone numbershttp://www.mass…/courts/index.html

Criminal Justice Sites Links to Criminal Justice Related Sites: Federal Government The FBI, CIA, Senate, etc. Judicial Court opinions, including the US Supreme Court. Websites related to constitutional rights and other issues. Legal Resources Sites with legal information, including law journals, law libraries and law schools. Libraries On-line card catalogs and information.

Criminal Penalties Out of State Need to find what the penalty is for an   out of state crime? Check here. http://www.find…casecode/#statelaw

Criminal Records and Employment: Ex-Offenders Thwarted in Attempts to Earn a Living for Their Families” in “Every Door Closed: Barriers Facing Parents With Criminal Records,” from the Center for Law and Social Policy.

FINDLAW You can search Government Departments, US Code, Federal Regulations, Supreme Court and Circuit Court Cases, Federal Government databases and other US States state government servers – including Massachusetts. You can also search more than 60 law review articles, check current legal news. http://lawcrawl…

First Circuit decisions online.

Foreign Law UNODC’s on-line legal library makes available the full text of laws and regulations promulgated by States to give effect to the three main international drug control treaties. Under the treaty conventions, States have an obligation to communicate their drug control legislation to the United Nations. Most States communicate such legislation to UNODC on a voluntary basis. Legislation adopted since 1948 has been included on-line.

Get A Document The Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries can provide you with documents from any source  in our collection, within the limits of the copyright notice. You need to have a citation, such as 450 Mass. 1, 32 BU Law Review 15, 130 CMR 50.02, in order for us to complete your request.

Legal Engine Valuable Legal Search Site [from John Hayes]

Legal Journals Online. Example: Harvard Journal of Law & Technology.

Legal Journals Online This is the largest index of online journals which  contains legal, medical, psychology, social sciences, etc. http://genamics…journals/index.htm

Mass Superior Court Dockets…g/tcic/welcome.jsp

PACER This is online access to Federal Decisions and docket sheets and often the documents themselves. It has a very minimal fee – pennies. I’ve  used it to get info on a snitch which was invaluable!

US Supreme Court Home Page

US Supreme Court Decisions since 1990…

U.S. Legal Research Page Meta-Index for. You can find Law Review  articles, US Supreme Court decisions, Congressional Record transcripts and Federal Court decisions.http://gsulaw.g…

 Other Legal Organizations


Federal Defenders Mass. and NH

Federal Defender Offices

Public Defender Offices by State

Legal Services:

Greater Boston Legal Services  provides free civil (non-criminal) legal assistance to low-income people in Boston and thirty-one additional cities and towns. The help ranges from legal advice to full case representation, depending on client need.

Neighborhood Legal Services is a free provider of civil legal assistance for low income residents of Essex County, Massachusetts. Part of a larger national network of legal service providers, NLS helps the area’s low income residents with legal problems involving access to housing, access to public assistance, employment rights, discrimination, elder law, immigration, domestic violence and family law, and economic development of the area’s low income communities.

Prisoners’ Legal Services was established in 1972 to provide civil legal services to people in Massachusetts prisons and jails. The office focuses on four issues: health and mental health care, guard-on-prisoner violence, physical conditions of confinement, and segregation and isolation. Prisoners’ Legal Services addresses these problems through admistrative advocacy, legislative advocacy, and litigaiton. The office does not provide criminal defense services.

Prisoners’ Rights Northeastern Law Clinic. Law students represent inmates at parole & disciplinary hearings.

Lawyer Referral Service , a public service of the Boston Bar since 1951. It is the only ABA approved referral service in Massachusetts, offers reduced fee attorneys to those who qualify, and guarantees that an initial 1/2 hour consultation with an attorney will be $25 or less.

Police and Public Safety

Address of Every Police Department in the Commonwealthhttp://www.mass…  or every town and city, orhttp://www.mass…

Every Mass. Online Police Department including housing authorities and universities

Boston Police…

Boston Police  Academy http://www.bost…

Boston Police Crime Lab…/divisions/lab.asp

Brockton Police home page!

Cambridge Police site

Department of Corrections Home Page

Medical Examiner The older cached pages of the ME site has a lot of information that was removed in 1999. Use the Wayback machinehttp://web.arch…

Municipal Police Training Committee-The Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) is responsible for the development, delivery and enforcement of training standards of municipal, University of Massachusetts, and Environmental Police officers of the Commonwealth.

Parole Board

Public Safety And Justice Page that has the links to all the governmental agencies that deal with crime issues: from the Board of Bar Examiners, to the District Attorney Agencies to Mental Health to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and yes, Sex Offenders, etc. You get the picture.

Springfield Police

State Police Home Page

State Police Association Homepage

State Police Crime Lab Home Page

Worcester Police…

AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center  841 W. Touhy Ave.  Park Ridge IL 60068-3351 USA for experts and other information on deadly force http://www.aele…

Massachusetts Racial and Gender Profiling Institute of Justice Report

Professional Associations

(to find out what cle’s they are offering in your area, contact the organization directly.)

Asian-American Lawyers Assn. of Mass

Barnstable County Bar Association– The association website has lots of useful links to both local and statewide resources.

Berkshire Bar Association The association website offers contact information for local courts, jail and sheriff’s office, and the association has scholarships available for trainings.

Boston Bar Association

Bristol County Bar Association-The association website offers contact information for local courts, and has announcements for upcoming trainings in the area, along with a scholarship program.

Essex County Bar Assn. http:// www.e…

Franklin County Bar Association– useful links and contact information, trainings and services.

Hampden County Bar Association-calendar of events, legal clinic, and useful links.

Hampshire Country Bar Association-offers legal (civil/probate and family) services for clients in the region.

Mass. Assn. of Hispanic Attorneys

Mass. Assn. of Women Lawyers

Mass. Bar Association

Mass. Lesbian and Gay Bar Assn.

Middlesex County Bar Assn.

Bar Assn. of Norfolk County

Plymouth County Bar Assn http://www.plym…

Women’s Bar Assn.

Worcester County Bar Assn. http://www.worc…

Board of Bar Overseers A quick way to get addresses and phone numbers.

 Prosecutor Web Sites

Attorney General’s . Also, click here for Press releases.

Bristol County District Attorney’s Web Site . Click here for Press releases.

Cape and Islands DA . Click here for Press releases

Essex County DA . Click here for Press releases

Middlesex County District Attorney’s Web Site . Click here for Press releases.

Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office  http://www.mass…

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office Web Site http://www.mass…

Suffolk County DA’s posts their press releases on this site. Funny how they  are sorted by defendant’s names. This site also contains phone numbers and locations.   http://www.mass…ress_releases.html

USA  Press releases

Worcester County District Attorney’s Web Site Press releases

State Home Page and Agencies

Massachusetts State Home Page: Guide to Departments and Agencies “This page lists branches of government, Constitutional offices, and the departments under them, and provides links       to those with websites. We also provide links to other sources of information about local, state, and federal government.” http://www.stat… orhttp://www.mass…ments&sid=massgov2

Department of Public Health http://www.stat…us/dph/dphhome.htm

DCF offices or http://www.mass…rvices&sid=Eeohhs2

Board of Registration

Government Gateway to Massachusetts

Licensing agencies for everyone from social workers to psychologists, social workers

Licenses for all others, from Taxis to barbers to EMT’s to electrologists

Nurses Board of Registration

Sex Offender Registry Board.

Sex Offender Registry




Sexually Dangerous Person: Latest News