DCF New Family Assessment and Action Planning Policies

DCF recently released their new Family Assessment and Action Planning Policy, Policy#2017-01, effective 02/06/2017. Some notable provisions include: The term “Action Plan” replaces “Service Plan” and includes the following sections: areas of focus based on the Department’s assessment of parental capacity and child safety, observable changes, and the actions/tasks/services/supports identified to address the observable changes needed.  “Emergency Service Plans” are now called ”Interim Action Plans” . “Complete Visitation Plans” require specific sibling visitation schedules and plans for visitation with parents, grandparents and other kin, when relevant, including other forms of contact such as telephone calls and letters, or documentation in the case record of why any such visitation is contrary to the welfare of the child and how the decision was made. “Supported” or “Substantiated Concern” findings are reviewed and may be changed during the course of the Family Assessment. Additionally, there are references throughout the Policy of  DCF’s commitment to work with families in “a manner that is trauma informed, culturally competent and strength based”.

The new policy is available here : https://www.publiccounsel.net/cafl/professional/triallitigation-practice-tools-and-resources.