Certification Forms

As a new attorney, you will need to fill out four simple forms in order to enable the processing of your assignments and the payment of your bills. These forms are a necessary part of doing business with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

The following forms are downloadable in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format by clicking on the links below.

  1. Request for Verification of Taxation Reporting Information -- This form is mandated by the State Comptroller’s Office pursuant to IRS regulations. All new vendors are required to complete this form, and to submit a letter on his, her, or the firm’s letterhead requesting to become a vendor in order to receive payments from the state. You are required to provide your correct Taxpayer Identification Number (your TIN is either your federal employer ID (EIN) or social security number (SSN), please do not provide both), legal name* (please refer to the back of the W-9 form under the section labeled "Specific Instructions") and address* (the 1099 will be mailed to this address), organizational type (i.e., individual, corporation, etc.), and tax exempt status if any (i.e., 501(c)3). Please note that CPCS requires that your Remittance Address (as found on the W-9 form, checks and all CPCS correspondence will be mailed to this address) be the same as your address on file with the Board of Bar Overseers. You are also required to certify that all information supplied is true, correct and complete. Your signature on the form indicates that you have read the material and understand the tax reporting information. *If you work for a firm/partnership and you want the firm/partnership to receive the checks and the 1099 form please make sure to use the firm’s/partnership’s legal name and TIN when filling out the form.
  2. Attorney Certification Information -- This form is also mandated by CPCS and provides us with important contact information and your panel certifications.
  3. E-Bill Pin Agreement Form: In conjunction with your BBO#, allows access to our billing system. All attorney bills must be submitted through E-Bill.
  4. New Attorney Professional Liability Form:  All attorneys returning to CPCS service and new attorneys beginning CPCS service are required to provide proof that he or she maintains professional liability insurance.  See the CPCS Assigned Counsel Manual  c. II s. 10.

Please take a moment to read the instructions, fill out the enclosed forms completely, and return them to the Vendor Maintenance Clerk, Private Attorney Payment Department at the above address. Once received, we will process these forms accordingly. You may assume your information is in order unless you receive further correspondence from this office. Remember, we are unable to process your assignments and/or payments until all these forms are received in good order by this office.

It takes approximately three weeks from our receipt of the correctly completed forms to complete the process of setting you up as a State vendor therefore it is important to return these forms to our office as soon as possible.

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