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Youth Advocacy Division

The lawyers of the CPCS Youth Advocacy Division (YAD) represent children in
delinquency and youthful offender cases.  Founded in 1992, and located in
the CPCS Boston office, YAD has become a nationally recognized model program
for how public defender offices can provide legal representation to indigent
children.  Combining talented criminal trial lawyers, education lawyers, and
highly skilled social service professionals (staff forensic child
psychologists, social workers, and a community liaison), YAD brings a
multi-disciplinary team to its representation of children.  Not only does
YAD strive for the best possible case result, but also it seeks to identify
and meet the underlying issues--emotional, psychological and
educational--that burden so many urban children growing up in poverty.  In a
very real way, YAD is an important part of reducing crime and violence in
children's lives and in communities.  

For more information on YAD, go to:

Thomas Yonce - Barnstable County
Edmund R. St. John III - Berkshire County
Melissa Ellis - Bristol County
David Hallinan - Essex County
Jennifer E. Cox - Franklin County
David B. Paradis - Hampden County
Bruce J. Patryn - Hampshire County
Maryellen Cuthbert - Middlesex County
Michael Kilkelly - Middlesex County
Dominic L. Pang - Norfolk County
Susan L. Collins - Plymouth County
Craig E. Collins - Suffolk County
Keith Higgins - Worcester County

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